Refracted Reality

Episode 5: Celebrating Home

In this episode of Refracted Reality, we're celebrating home. Hear from Sarah Clarkson as she discusses her book, The Lifegiving Home. Also we'll hear an audio essay from Lanier Ivester, "In Praise of the House Party."

"In Praise of the House Party" was originally published on the Art House America Blog on December 20, 2013.

Episode 4: We Sang Ourselves Free

Music has power, including the power to free. On this episode we explore that power as we look at a revolution, and hear from musicians as they consider the power of music.

Episode 3: It's About Time

In this episode we explore how the way we inhabit time forms us.

Bonus: Albert Borgmann on Information Technology

Sometimes there's a piece of an interview that you just love, but sometimes you just don't have a good place to put it. This is one of those pieces, I hope that you'll enjoy it.

Episode 2: It's All About Food

On this episode, it’s all about food. That basic necessity of life that can be so much more.

Episode 1: This Space We're In

In the inaugural episode of Refracted Reality we explore how space and place shape and form us. We’ll meet Paul and Pamela Butler who have been turning an old church into their home (and into a church again). We’ll also talk about the intersection of theology and philosophy with our understanding of space with Dr. Albert Borgmann, Dr. Arthur Boers, and Dr. Eric Jacobsen.

Coming Soon...Refracted Reality

Hear a clip from our first episode which releases on March 16th.